Radar hydrometric level – RLS

What is and what is used for

The instrument uses radar technology to measure the hydrometric level of the waterway, taking a measurement of the distance of the water surface from the sensor case and then subtracting the value found from the hydrometric zero value.


The RLS is a two-wire level transmitter operating with radar pulses at 6 GHz for measurement ranges up to 20 m (66 ft). It lends itself to the continuous monitoring of liquids and sludge in non-pressurised storage tanks in normal environmental conditions. The RLS is suitable for applications with chemical vapours, temperature gradients, vacuum or pressure, for example in tank farms, in storing chemical substances, in digestion towers or in sludge tanks. RLSETG has a measurement range from 0.3 to 20 m (1 ... 65 ft).

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