ETG – Why choose us

ETG has been designing and building environmental monitoring and plant remote control networks for more than 35 years.

As of today it has supplied over 2000 reading and remote control stations, over 10,000 connected sensors and actuators, about 100 radio repeaters and 130 operations stations, most of which forms the over 70 remote reading, remote control and remote command networks built to date.

All instruments and ETG systems are compliant with the prescriptions of the World Meteorological Organization (W.M.O.) and with the functional needs of the Department of Civil Defence.

ETG means responsibility, warranty, reliability: from design to maintenance and after-sales assistance.


reading and remote control stations


sensors and actuators


radio repeaters


operations stations


Operational divisions

Quality assurance
controls the quality of the processes and procedures and compliance with the quality standards demanded by the ISO 9000 standard.
Research and development
carries out the specialised design and engineering of all the products, integrating a SW applications, HW and FW design office to develop new products and a technical office to re-engineer products and systems.
carries out the systems theory design of all the networks and systems supplied, their activation, testing and release; it validates new products and is responsible for network control.
responsible for production, also managed in outsourcing, and the commissioning of the stations and centres.
carries out the IT design of the systems (architecture, operating systems, databases, interactions with the IT world).
Technical assistance
responsible for after-sales assistance of the products and systems supplied and the routine and extraordinary maintenance work.
Hydraulic Measurements
its team of hydraulic specialists is able to guarantee a flow rate measurement, hydraulic section calibration and hydraulic model building service.

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