Case History

Hydrologic weather monitoring stations for regional civil defence purposes and their integration in the specialised software package to build yearbooks and for data validation

(Hydrologic weather monitoring stations operating 24/7 and implementation of the data validation and weather and hydrologic yearbook display package)

  • 2016/2018
  • Puglia Region: Civil Defence Sector


Execution of several new stand-alone hydrologic weather monitoring stations integrated in Puglia’s civil defence regional network.


The wealth of experience that ETG has acquired in the weather instrumentation sector and in real-time monitoring data acquisition, archiving, processing and circulation makes it a valuable collaborator.


The new hydrologic weather stations installed between 2016 and today are inserted in Puglia’s regional monitoring network. The network supplied, installed and configured by ETG for the Civil Defence of the Puglia Region is made up of over 170 hydrometric and pluviometric stations. The network communicates through a regional radio backbone with UHF band loop coupling, consisting of 11 smart repeaters connected at high transmission speed to the Bari station. The control station consists of 2 servers in hot reserve mode installed at the Bari operations centre to manage the entire system, for remote maintenance, a system that alerts personnel on call through voice synthesis and data exchange with DPC in Rome. ETG also currently performs its maintenance.

The solution

The newly supplied stations, installed by ETG for weather monitoring, are made up of specially made and selected sensors in order to be able to guarantee reliable environmental monitoring totally 24/7. These new stations are integrated in the UHF radio network and in the station application developed by ETG called WinNET7. Not only does this application guarantee all of the functions of a management, display and traditional alarm system, it also is equipped with many specialised packages in the particular case of Puglia’s civil defence system, amongst which the one concerning yearbook production proves crucial. With this instrument, the time series of the daily and monthly values processed starting from the data collected by the automatic meteorological, hydrologic and surface water quality monitoring system stations will be presented. Special data validation rules are also implemented on the same application in order to provide the customer with an additional tool for checking their plausibility and consistency.

The benefits

Having such a complete and well-structured monitoring system allows the customer to have data coming from hundreds of stations available 24/7 and to centralise them in a single database where they are easy for the tasked operators to analyse and use. The WinNET7 software, totally expandable based on the customer’s stated requirements, was equipped with many specialised packages able to support the customer on the themes important to it. As regards Puglia’s system, it is particularly interesting as far as the previously described yearbook package is concerned, as it is able to easily represent the time series of the hydrologic weather data. As previously stated, this tool is crucial also because it permits automatic control through validation rules set on board the system and then manual validation performed by the authorised civil defence service personnel.

Closing section

The Civil Defence system of the Puglia Region is particularly advanced in terms of hardware and software performance when compared to the national scene. This is demonstrated by the completeness of the data monitored by the system and by their centralised management and use with the software platform made by ETG going by the trade name WinNET7. Systems so complex, well-structured and aimed at protecting the territory and the citizens require ongoing development and maintenance work that only a company like ETG is able to guarantee.

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