PPSL laser flood gate opening degree

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The PPS-L sensor was introduced in ETG’s proposals to solve problems relating to their PPS mechanical cousins Like in every system subjected to mechanical friction and wear and tear, the wire level measurement systems are subjected to deterioration. More specifically, this deterioration is tied to the steel wire and to the recovery mechanism, which therefore require periodic maintenance. ETG proposes the most modern, practical and highest performance laser distance sensors. As regards the measurement principle, the laser sensor will be pointed in the direction of a stainless steel plate welded to the flood gate. When the laser beam perpendicularly strikes the plate surface, it will be reflected and received again by the sensor. Once received, the sensor will calculate the sensor-plate distance based on the time elapsed between the sending and the receiving of the reflected signal. Following the opening or closing of the flood gate, the distance between the plate and the PPS-L sensor will vary, and by measuring this parameter it will be possible to monitor its relevant opening degree at all times.


It is a laser distance measuring sensor that incorporates electronics able to automatically calculate the distance from a pre-determined target.

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